Husband is Obsessive Compulsive

I have mentioned before that my husband has a little bit of obsessive compulsive disease.  That can be a good thing most of the time.  No, he does not have the kind where he washes his hands fifteen times an hour, or the kind where he won’t shake hands with anyone or is afraid of germs.  He has the good kind.  He likes everything to be perfect.

He and his wonderful friend finished hooking up the tow bar to the Honda Fit and wiring the lights.  I thought he was done and came into the garage to find he has now rubber coated the attachment links and locks so they won’t cause damage to the paint of the car.  YES! What a good job he does.

Now we are all set for a trial tow tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  I do know one thing, there won’t be an accidental scratches to the car.

What? Fitting a Tow Bar is not Easy.

To tow a vehicle you have to get a tow bar attached, of course.  Most people would pay to have someone do it for them, but my husband, who is very handy, decided he and a friend would get our manual transmission, Honda Fit all hooked up.  He did know it might be a big job, but I don’t think he realized just what a monstrous job it would be. His friend is also very handy, and I would call them both obsessive compulsive, so the job would have to be done right.

It took three days! Yes, three days.  But, they did a fabulous job.  You can’t see any of the parts and, the electrical worked perfect.  I would say they did a fabulous job.  Probably saved a fortune.  I would not advise anyone to try this themselves, unless they are really good with tools and knowing how to do things.

Now, we just have to try it out!

So, another thing off the list in preparation for our big trip around the U.S. and Canada.

I have signed up to join a RV caravan from Dawson Creek, British Columbia going to the Alaskan Highway and to Fairbanks and Denali Park.  We are really excited about that.   That will be the one portion of the trip where we will have to be somewhere at a specific time and place.  The rest of the trip will be where we want and when we want.  If we like a place we will stay awhile and if we don’t…Adios amigo!