Oh Darn! We got kicked out of RV driving boot camp.  Okay, not really out of the classes but out of the parking lot. Our Instructor had arranged for us to use the back parking lot at Wild Bill’s Casino in Primm Nevada.  He had utilized the same area last year.

As we drove up last Wednesday, the weather was very warm and we could see the old roller coaster high above the wooden structure of the casino.  We pulled around into the “way back” parking area.There were about eight of us there to learn the basics of RVing and how to drive, park and…heaven forbid…the dreaded back-up procedure. Everyone was riding high to have this special experience.

The day was going great.  We had all learned the safety and emergency basics and even had lunch.  I made a salad in the RV.  Some of the rest went into the casino to eat. After lunch we were hearing some rules of the road and our Sun City Anthem RV club rules, when along comes this little economy car and out steps a security guard.  “What are you doing here? You can’t camp here.”

“Why, we have permission from the director of sales to have our RV meeting and driving lessons here.” said our esteemed leader and instructor, Roy.

You can imagine the rest of the story.  We did not win the battle or the war.  Eventually we were instructed that we could park – not sleep or extend our pop-outs – and we could use the casino, gamble and eat.  Huh?  We were going to do that anyway as good members of this community, but if we can’t dry camp then we  all decided to leave.

So, just before happy hour most of the crew packed up and left.  We did have a good day and learned a lot from our esteemed instructors, Roy and Tom, but were disappointed to have to cut short instruction.  One of the things we learned is that when you are RVing, you have to be flexible.  This was our first lesson in flexibility.

(I did finally drive in the parking lot and did not knock over any light poles)

Preparations for The Great Adventure

We are sill in the process of preparing for our five month saga across the US and Canada.  We ordered an auto shield today for the Honda Fit and also a “apron” for under the tow bar.  Both are meant to prevent the tow vehicle from being damaged from stones and rocks on the road.  The shield will fit over the entire front of the car and the windshield.  (Some Alaskan rocks have been known to fly high.) The “apron” fits from under the RV to under the tow vehicle and is like a drape, preventing rocks and debris from scattering upward.  We had thought about a clear shield for the tow car, but that would not protect the windshield.  We had also thought about those mud flap things that hang down in back of the RV tires, but heard that they can actually stir up the gravel throwing it into the tow vehicle.  The RV itself has a clear shield protector applied on the front. If you are interested, two of the companies that sell these products are: http://www.coastlinervandoffroad.com and http://protectatow.tripod.com/

Since I am somewhat of a survivalist, I have packed some freeze dried meals, freeze dried fruit for snacks and even freeze dried ice cream.  Honest, it is quite good. I know it sounds crazy, but you have to try it to believe it! These products are sold by Mountain House Freeze Dried food company. http://www.mountainhouse.com

We have a long list of things to accomplish yet, and one of those is to get a five month supply of medications and vitamins.  We both take handfuls of vitamins.  You just don’t know if your brand can be obtained in the wilds of Alaska or the swamps of Florida.

We are scheduled to go to RV boot camp this next weekend.  We will be staying two nights and three days at Primm, NV. and will be learning how to drive the RV. Yes, I will be learning  how to drive too. We will be practicing how to park and back into a RV spot and how to dry camp.  It may seem a bit over the top, however, there are a lot of things as new RV people we just don’t know yet, and I am positive we will learn a lot of great information and tips.  I will be posting after our Boot Camp. That is unless I have a little accident, and then I guess I will be banned from posting for awhile.