So friends, here are the photos from Zion at last.

We had such a great time on the trip to Zion with the Sun City Anthem RV club. Lots of outdoor activities, lots of happy hours and lots of shared memories.

The first day, shortly after arrival we had happy hour, heavy appetizers and then a camp fire with our two guitarists, John and Doug playing while the rest of us TRIED to sing. Out of the 40 or so there, only about two had a voice that you would want to listen to under other circumstances.  But then it was all in good fun.

The second day we hiked a couple of easy trails in Zion. It was a perfect day … cool weather and clear skies.

Having had enough hiking, we shopped in Springfield the third day  and went to an old Mormon ghost town just outside of Rockville in the old town of Grafton with our friends Scott and Donna. It had a small cemetery, a school house and a couple of other old buildings. The interesting thing about the cemetery was seeing how many people died from the pandemic flu and from Indian attacks. Also, it was interesting to see how short their lives were. Most died either as children or as young adults. You might notice in one of the photos someone was trespassing while taking photos. Naughty!

The last day we went to Kanab and we stopped to see BEST FRIENDS, a beautiful animal sanctuary just outside of Kanab. It is a wonderful organization that has made a huge impact on turning shelters into no-kill shelters. They have saved thousands of animals since inception. You can volunteer there and we are hoping to do that some day.

We also kept seeing these strange creatures as we were driving around. What? You paid $20.00 for an ostrich egg? Silly tourists.


At the end of the trip, our great wagon master told us he and his wife were retiring from being wagon master for this trip.  (Jack and Rochelle) He asked for volunteers and all hands pointed to Lennard, my husband.  Hmmmm … Who is going to do all the work?

IMG_2740 (2)

Could not ask for more breath taking scenery!



Back in the Saddle Again

Yahoo! We are just about to embark on a short RV trip to Zion. We really haven’t been anywhere since our return from our Epic Adventure around the U.S. and parts of Canada. It took quite some time to catch up with family, friends and things left undone for six months. Then  of course there was catching up with mail and a million other things, like Holidays, leaking faucets in the house, cleaning the RV from top to bottom, and  washing everything I had not been inclined to wash along the road.

We have all settled back into the rhythm of being in a house again. Even the dogs are back to chasing rabbits in the back yard and using the doggie door.  I was wondering if we would feel like getting right back on the road and becoming full timers, but that didn’t happen. I like living in the house, and as long as I know we can set out anytime we want for as long as we want, I’m happy with our choice.

We would like to take another long trip in the near future … maybe to the East Coast again, but we will have to settle for a couple of short trips in April.  However, in June we will be going on a trip to Montana and Wyoming for three weeks. I can hardly wait for that one.Zion River Resort IMG_1820

It will include the Tiffin Rally being held in Gillette, Wyoming and should be a lot of fun. Three friends of ours will be joining us for that expedition.

Like I said … Yahoo! Getting ready to saddle up again.


We have finally set the date to start our epic adventure.  We leave May 10, 2015 and hope we will make the entire planned journey, which should take 5-6 months and 18,000 miles.  We are headed to the north-east coast and then to Alaska and the Alcan Highway first! After that, we traverse across the US into northeastern Canada and then down the east coast and to the Great Smoky Mountains.  Next we drive down to the Florida Keys and then back through the Midwest and home. Yes, I admit is it very ambitious for new RVers, but hey, what the heck? If you don’t choose to live life to the fullest you miss out.  What is the worst that can happen?  We  change the itinerary or we come home early.  So, then we sell it or start out again.  (Depending on how we fared and if we are still talking to each other. We do have boxing gloves courtesy of  our friends,Vickie and Thayne.)

The RV is in the service department again for all those minor cosmetic repairs and to have some after-market stuff put on.  One is a stabilizer and the other some type of stabilizer tow bar.  Okay, I might have to check with my husband to let you all know what they are really called.

We will be making a trial trip to Zion this month, with the Sun City Anthem RV Club. The trip should show us if everything is in good shape before we leave on the big trip. If not, then we will have a week or so to fix or adjust. It is also a trial for our two loved, happy, but yappy Pomeranians to see how they do.

Photos from Zion to come after the trip!

Preparations for The Great Adventure

We are sill in the process of preparing for our five month saga across the US and Canada.  We ordered an auto shield today for the Honda Fit and also a “apron” for under the tow bar.  Both are meant to prevent the tow vehicle from being damaged from stones and rocks on the road.  The shield will fit over the entire front of the car and the windshield.  (Some Alaskan rocks have been known to fly high.) The “apron” fits from under the RV to under the tow vehicle and is like a drape, preventing rocks and debris from scattering upward.  We had thought about a clear shield for the tow car, but that would not protect the windshield.  We had also thought about those mud flap things that hang down in back of the RV tires, but heard that they can actually stir up the gravel throwing it into the tow vehicle.  The RV itself has a clear shield protector applied on the front. If you are interested, two of the companies that sell these products are: http://www.coastlinervandoffroad.com and http://protectatow.tripod.com/

Since I am somewhat of a survivalist, I have packed some freeze dried meals, freeze dried fruit for snacks and even freeze dried ice cream.  Honest, it is quite good. I know it sounds crazy, but you have to try it to believe it! These products are sold by Mountain House Freeze Dried food company. http://www.mountainhouse.com

We have a long list of things to accomplish yet, and one of those is to get a five month supply of medications and vitamins.  We both take handfuls of vitamins.  You just don’t know if your brand can be obtained in the wilds of Alaska or the swamps of Florida.

We are scheduled to go to RV boot camp this next weekend.  We will be staying two nights and three days at Primm, NV. and will be learning how to drive the RV. Yes, I will be learning  how to drive too. We will be practicing how to park and back into a RV spot and how to dry camp.  It may seem a bit over the top, however, there are a lot of things as new RV people we just don’t know yet, and I am positive we will learn a lot of great information and tips.  I will be posting after our Boot Camp. That is unless I have a little accident, and then I guess I will be banned from posting for awhile.