Winterize The RV

OMG! It is going to be 20 degrees here in Las Vegas during the next week.  We got a call from a friend who has an RV manufactured by the same company as ours, (Tiffin) and they said we needed to winterize the coach.  What? Winterize? Who knows how? Not us.

So, my poor husband hightails it down to Camping World and gets the antifreeze and then gets the manual for the coach out.  Does it tell you how to winterize the coach? Yes, but do the instructions make sense? NO!

He is out in the cold for three hours working on the bugger and still can’t get the outlet valve for the water heater off.  It is in a place you can’t reach and it has a “soft” plug you can’t get off.  He finally does get it off and now he drains the water out.  OK, that is done, but now he is supposed to drain the ice maker.  Yikes, impossible task at this point in time, so he drains the tanks, lets it go at that, and prays.  We will see how that works out.

I guess this is just preparation for inevitable things that will happen while we are on the road.

I, of course, am inside making coffee the whole time.   Well, I did venture out to take him the coffee!!

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