Wheel Bearings Up!

So, we sent our RV to the Ford place because I had seen a small oil leak underneath it while it was parked.  The mechanic found out that there was not a leak.  He said that sometimes, if you take it uphill too fast you might get a small amount of transmission fluid that leaks.  Good, I thought, nothing to be worried about.

Then he called and said our friends had trouble with their ball bearings on the same type of vehicle, and he wanted to check ours.  Yep! sure enough we had one set (do they come in sets?) that was not right.  At least it was covered by warranty and he changed them all for good measure, as we will be embarking on our trip to Alaska and around the US beginning in the first or second week in May.  It is getting exciting.

I have been planning our trip on MapQuest and the Family Motor Coach website.  Right now we have a trip that will be about 18,000 miles.  Did I say 18,000 miles?  Yes I did.  That is really ambitious, and maybe we will be back in three weeks. Ha!

Who knows, maybe we will hate it and come home after Alaska.  Or maybe even before we get there.  All our friends have a bet on just where our “This is frigging not fun anymore” point will be.  They range anywhere from 500 miles to 1,600 miles.  None of them picked any point more that 2,00 miles.  Hmmmm, they don’t have much faith in us do they?

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