Oh Darn! We got kicked out of RV driving boot camp.  Okay, not really out of the classes but out of the parking lot. Our Instructor had arranged for us to use the back parking lot at Wild Bill’s Casino in Primm Nevada.  He had utilized the same area last year.

As we drove up last Wednesday, the weather was very warm and we could see the old roller coaster high above the wooden structure of the casino.  We pulled around into the “way back” parking area.There were about eight of us there to learn the basics of RVing and how to drive, park and…heaven forbid…the dreaded back-up procedure. Everyone was riding high to have this special experience.

The day was going great.  We had all learned the safety and emergency basics and even had lunch.  I made a salad in the RV.  Some of the rest went into the casino to eat. After lunch we were hearing some rules of the road and our Sun City Anthem RV club rules, when along comes this little economy car and out steps a security guard.  “What are you doing here? You can’t camp here.”

“Why, we have permission from the director of sales to have our RV meeting and driving lessons here.” said our esteemed leader and instructor, Roy.

You can imagine the rest of the story.  We did not win the battle or the war.  Eventually we were instructed that we could park – not sleep or extend our pop-outs – and we could use the casino, gamble and eat.  Huh?  We were going to do that anyway as good members of this community, but if we can’t dry camp then we  all decided to leave.

So, just before happy hour most of the crew packed up and left.  We did have a good day and learned a lot from our esteemed instructors, Roy and Tom, but were disappointed to have to cut short instruction.  One of the things we learned is that when you are RVing, you have to be flexible.  This was our first lesson in flexibility.

(I did finally drive in the parking lot and did not knock over any light poles)

Our RV is out of Jail!

Our RV has been let out of jail.  Jail being the heavy duty Ford repair shop to get the wheel bearings replaced.  What? you say if you have been following this blog…you haven’t been anywhere yet.  Yes, that is true.  So I hope when we do head out there won’t be any mechanical problems.  We are still waiting for the parts to arrive from Tiffin for the cosmetic repairs covered under warranty.

I’d like to say we are heading out soon, but we are not heading out until April, when we head all the way out to Primm Nevada (about 20 miles away from us) for a How to Drive RV Boot Camp.  The RV club in our association is sponsoring it.  I have to learn how to drive the rig before we head out on our across the country trip in the spring.  This is preparation, just in case something happens to our primary driver…my husband – like he gets too tired to drive, or decides I have done enough back seat driving and deserve to have a turn at it.

Plans are still ongoing regarding the trip and the routes we will be taking.  The fist caravan to Alaska we signed up for with Adventure Treks is not going now, so we are looking for another one to join that fits into our schedule.  I have contacted Gilbert (Spike is what he says to call him) at  Alaskan Discovery RV Tours Ltd. and we are on the waiting list to join their caravan.  Oh the woes of waiting to hear.  

Husband is Obsessive Compulsive

I have mentioned before that my husband has a little bit of obsessive compulsive disease.  That can be a good thing most of the time.  No, he does not have the kind where he washes his hands fifteen times an hour, or the kind where he won’t shake hands with anyone or is afraid of germs.  He has the good kind.  He likes everything to be perfect.

He and his wonderful friend finished hooking up the tow bar to the Honda Fit and wiring the lights.  I thought he was done and came into the garage to find he has now rubber coated the attachment links and locks so they won’t cause damage to the paint of the car.  YES! What a good job he does.

Now we are all set for a trial tow tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  I do know one thing, there won’t be an accidental scratches to the car.

What? Fitting a Tow Bar is not Easy.

To tow a vehicle you have to get a tow bar attached, of course.  Most people would pay to have someone do it for them, but my husband, who is very handy, decided he and a friend would get our manual transmission, Honda Fit all hooked up.  He did know it might be a big job, but I don’t think he realized just what a monstrous job it would be. His friend is also very handy, and I would call them both obsessive compulsive, so the job would have to be done right.

It took three days! Yes, three days.  But, they did a fabulous job.  You can’t see any of the parts and, the electrical worked perfect.  I would say they did a fabulous job.  Probably saved a fortune.  I would not advise anyone to try this themselves, unless they are really good with tools and knowing how to do things.

Now, we just have to try it out!

So, another thing off the list in preparation for our big trip around the U.S. and Canada.

I have signed up to join a RV caravan from Dawson Creek, British Columbia going to the Alaskan Highway and to Fairbanks and Denali Park.  We are really excited about that.   That will be the one portion of the trip where we will have to be somewhere at a specific time and place.  The rest of the trip will be where we want and when we want.  If we like a place we will stay awhile and if we don’t…Adios amigo!

Winterize The RV

OMG! It is going to be 20 degrees here in Las Vegas during the next week.  We got a call from a friend who has an RV manufactured by the same company as ours, (Tiffin) and they said we needed to winterize the coach.  What? Winterize? Who knows how? Not us.

So, my poor husband hightails it down to Camping World and gets the antifreeze and then gets the manual for the coach out.  Does it tell you how to winterize the coach? Yes, but do the instructions make sense? NO!

He is out in the cold for three hours working on the bugger and still can’t get the outlet valve for the water heater off.  It is in a place you can’t reach and it has a “soft” plug you can’t get off.  He finally does get it off and now he drains the water out.  OK, that is done, but now he is supposed to drain the ice maker.  Yikes, impossible task at this point in time, so he drains the tanks, lets it go at that, and prays.  We will see how that works out.

I guess this is just preparation for inevitable things that will happen while we are on the road.

I, of course, am inside making coffee the whole time.   Well, I did venture out to take him the coffee!!